Powell May Services

Powell May International is a full service ingredient supplier, distributor, and broker. For many years we have built strong relationships with manufacturers in all categories of the food industry; across Canada, North America and worldwide. Building a strong manufacturer and customer network continues to contribute to our strength of supplying globally sourced ingredients.

We pride ourselves in working with fully certified ingredient suppliers; specializing in inclusions, functional ingredients, all purpose seasonings and natural flavourings. We work with customers across the food industry, including but not limited to: Bakery, Dairy, Commodity, and Savoury.

Our team continuously reviews logistics consolidation options to improve competitiveness, while maintaining the best quality in service. Our partner warehouses are strategically placed nationally, allowing us to offer a variety of possibilities for our customers. We work with our customers to offer custom logistics solutions, whether it be pickup from our supplier, warehouse, or delivered to the customer’s door.

Our value is in managing customer expectations and delivering success through quality, service and innovation. Our philosophy is transparency. We build partnerships off of trust and transparency, and believe in an open book policy.

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